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Our crèche team...

Having children should not come between you and keeping fit. Our crèche staff have more than 40 years experience between them. We have not only great staff but arguably the biggest and best crèche in Midland.

Important info...


9.00am to Midday

Booking required if after 10.30am


7.30am to 11.30am

Bookings essential


$4 per child

Maximum 2 hours

Questions & Answers

How old must my child be to use the crèche?

Our experienced staff have had babies as young as 4 weeks old. So long as you bring all necessary nappies and food they will be fine. Any dramas and we will come get you.

Can I leave the building with my child in the crèche?

No! We offer a child minding facility meaning you must always be within the facility at all times. You must also directly supervise your children before and after crèche attendance times.

I have never left my child with someone before, will they be ok?

All you can do is try. We will never stress your child, if they are not happy we won't hesitate to get you.

What if my child is sick?

Please, if your child is sick do not bring them to the crèche. Not only does it put other children at risk but it compromises their ability to recover. Children will be returned to parents immediately if they become sick during their attendance at the crèche. Medication cannot be administered to your child by crèche staff.

What's the oldest you allow?

We have have found children are happy to use the crèche up to the age of 6. Older than this and they can find it a little boring. If you're stuck, you can always leave them under the supervision of reception in the foyer. They can watch TV or keep themselves occupied if you have an iPad of homework for them..

What do I bring?

A healthy snack (fruit) and drink. Their favourite comfort toy. Spare nappies.

Wellness Area

Whether you need a quick way to warm up or the opportunity to relieve those after workout aches and pains, our wet area facilities will help. We have a huge gas heated sauna and equally spacious steam room along with a heated spa. Just for your convenience...